Free Shirts for Non Profits!

We specialize in helping nonprofit organizations receive free T-shirts.

Several years ago we started a special project aimed at helping nonprofit organizations receive T-shirts screen printed with their organization logo and their message. These free T-shirts are not cheap 50-50 T-shirts but the type of T-shirt that will distinguish your organization and provide your members and volunteers with something they are proud to wear.

The term "free" can often be misleading. On this page we will list the options we have found the work the best for nonprofit organizations.

There are three basic options for nonprofit organizations to receive free T-shirts.

*The first option is generally the most popular.
It provides nonprofit organizations with the exact garment and printing they are looking for.

You begin by deciding on the number of T-shirts you need for your special event.
There is no minimum or maximum in this option.

Once you have determined the number of T-shirts and you have decided on the type of artwork you require, we can assist you in organizing a fund-raising campaign to purchase your T-shirts through our company.

Each company sponsor that participates in your fund-raising drive will have their company logo printed on the back of the T-shirt, similarly to a running event sponsorship T-shirt.

There is no limit in the number of company sponsors you can obtain. Generally 5 to 25 sponsors can be printed on the back of the T-shirt with your logo and message printed large on the front of the T-shirt.

If you have special corporate sponsors that would like to participate in your T-shirt fundraising drive, and they wish to stand out from the rest of the sponsors, you could offer sleeve printing which will distinguish their logo from the rest. An option like this could present you with an opportunity to earn more for that select logo location from their paid sponsorship.

The most expedient method of obtaining corporate sponsorships is to begin with companies you may have an established relationship with and who have been donors in the past. They are often more than willing to assist nonprofit organizations and promote goodwill in their community.

As soon as you have completed the T-shirt drive for your event and raise the appropriate funds we will begin printing your T-shirts and delivery is usually within 14 to 21 working days.

*Option number two is much more direct and does not involve the need of sponsorships.

In this option your nonprofit organizations simply purchases the garments you require for your special event through our company and we will print your logo and message absolutely free of charge. We also include- donating artwork and set up fees in this option.

This option works best for nonprofit organizations that have a special event which demands complete use of the garment for their logo and message and no additional advertisement or promotional images.

This option does not offer 100% free T-shirts but OC print pros will donate all artwork, screen fees and printing fees if the garments are purchased through our company.

*Option number three was created for smaller nonprofit organizations that may be just starting out.

We realize that in the beginning, for a newly formed organization, sponsorships can be a bit difficult to obtain.

We can in certain circumstances, connect your nonprofit organization with some of our clients who have expressed an interest in donating to nonprofit organizations.

If a company that is a current client of ours offers to donate to your nonprofit organization and your cause, they would earn their logo on the back of the garment you require for your special event.

In all cases where corporate logos are printed on the garment, the image is typically a 5 to 6 inch, one color corporate logo. This is similar to what is printed on the back of a 5K running event T-shirt that is given away on the day of the run.

Once we have all of the corporate sponsors necessary to complete your order we begin the process of printing your T-shirts and delivery is usually within 14 to 21 working days.

You know longer need to spend your organization's hard earned money anymore on screen printed T-shirts, we can give you all of the T-shirt you need absolutely free.
Any nonprofit organization is eligible to join our nonprofit T-shirt giveaway program.

If you would like more information about this program and how we can help you, please give us a call at 949-

We look forward to helping you on your next event,

OC print pros